Our story

Surf'n'Fries came into existence in order to offer to the world the best potatoes ever. Beside the fries, we have designed a variety of special sauces so that you can experience that extra special something when enjoying our fries. Our packaging, in which we serve the fries, has been designed so that you can eat the fries while walking through urban areas or on summer beaches. Surf'n'Fries is based on an honest relationship with the buyer and promotes the idea of “free living” and “free decision-making” regarding food.
It is our goal that you enjoy the tastes offered by Surf'n'Fries as well as the experience of choosing, ordering and consuming our specialties.


Our Quality

For all our specialties, we select the best possible ingredients regardless of the price. For this reason, we are using “Grade A” or premium class of potatoes, containing a maximum of dry matter and a minimum amount of water. This is why our potatoes are not fatty when we serve them. Furthermore, our fries are not chemically processed and are NOT a GMO product; rather, they are of organic, natural origin. All other products, such as chicken, pass the strictest production criteria. Also, the packaging in which we serve food has certificates such as, for example, the one for direct contact with fatty foods and the one for food colorings.


Our Sauces

Beside the standard sauces, all Surf'n'Fries sauces are prepared by professional chefs especially for our fries. Most frequently, we offer 15 sauces among which you can select mild and light ones or strong and spicy ones. The sauces are made according to the principle of adding natural ingredients and spices without any chemical processes.


Our Products

Surf menu

  • Wingsurf menu

    WingSurf consists of a large portion of Surf'n'Fries potatoes, two sauces of your choice, five delicious wings and a refreshing drink of your choice.

  • Surf Nuggets Menu

    In the Surf Nuggets Menu, beside your favorite Surf'n'Fries portion, you will also receive five breaded fried chicken nuggets and a refreshing drink of your choice.

  • Surf Dog Menu

    Surf Dog is made ​​from chicken hot dogs, tasty bun with seeds, fresh lettuce, tomato pieces and specially prepared sauce. We serve our Surf Dog with Belgian potato and with a refreshing drink of your choice.

  • Surf Chicken Sandwich Menu

    Surf Chicken Sandwich is made from breaded fried chicken meat, a specially designed potato bun, tomato chunks, salad, cheese and sauce made especially for the Surf Chicken Sandwich. Our sandwich is served on Belgian potato with your favorite refreshing drink.

Surf fries

  • Surf n Fries

    This is our most popular product. Specially shaped potatoes, crispy around the edges and soft and juicy in the middle. Enjoy the most special potatoes in the world with two sauces of your choice.

  • Crinckle Wedges

    If you like the classic taste of potato, choose our Crinkle Wedges. Prepared with a crust, in slices with a special wavy cut. Of course, do not forget the sauces!

  • Belgian Potato

    A classic, timeless potato shape. Precisely a quarter inch cut in order to be perfectly crispy and tasty.

  • Kids

    Surf'n'Fries potatoes served in a special packaging for children in the form of retro surfer van. Beside the Kids portion, you will get one sauce of your liking. Select among four different car colors!

  • Chocolate fries

    There are not many places in the world where you can taste fries with special chocolate. At Surf'n'Fries you can!!! Be brave, and you will be pleasantly surprised!



Surf'n'Fries is an excellent opportunity for individuals with the entrepreneurial mindset; offering the potential for a fast return on investment. Are you interested in Surf'n'Fries as an investment? Do you wish to find out more about our franchise? We would greatly appreciate if you can contact us through our franchise form and we'll contact you as soon as possible!

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