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WAnT To open A SurF’n’FrieS Shop?

We can help you in opening your own Surf’n’Fries shop. What you need is enough capital and a location where Surf’n’Fries can be successful.

What is a good location for Surf’n’Fries?

its usually pedestrian areas with frequency of 20,000 people

once you find the location this is a usual procedure we do:

  1. Signing Franchising contract – both
  2. Location verification – we
  3. Floor plans and 3d – we
  4. Kitchen order – we
  5. Construction work in the store – you
  6. Logistics-connecting you with distributors – we
  7. Store assembly – both
  8. Training for you and the staff – both
  9. opening day – both
  10. running the store – you

per day on average. but it can also be shopping malls, airports, train stations etc. Anyways, we always verify location before you sign lease contract.

does size matter?

Yes it does, what you are looking for is size between 45-100 m2.

Surf’n’Fries-Mobile is designed as the perfect way to sell French fries at beaches, tourist locations, fairs, events,etc.

The cart is equipped with a 17 kW deep fryer with 17 liter fry pool. The fryer is powered by gas from standard gas containers, connected with specially designed gas pipes. Infrared light added to the bain-marie keeps fries warm.

Our dips serve as a perfect accompaniment to our fries, so we have designed a space for 4 surf dips.

Surf’n‘Fries Mobile meets all legal requirements – it is made of stainless steel and its use has been completely approved – for which you will receive all necessary documentation. Regarding sanitary conditions, the cart has a built-in hand washing unit with hot and cold water, sensor tap and a con- tainer for wastewater. To make the cart attractive, we have applied our well- provendesign, and for a better effect, we have added LED lighting to make Surf’n‘Fries particularly noticeable in the evening. When it comes to safety, the cart is designed so that after working hours or in the case of rain, the top can be lowered and folded.

The cover with steel cables over the cart provides protection against rain, vandalism, etc. For easier handling, the cart has built-in wheels and height- adjustable legs. We are especially proud of this Surf’n’Fries concept.

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+385914182526 (international inquiries)

+385912182525 (Croatia)

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